"Beyond the Hype is a necessary reference for someone newly starting out in a small business, or just in the thinking stages. It provides practical, useful information that pulls no punches and will save you time and money for those without either to spare or waste."                  — Jan Triplett, Ph.D., Co-director - Entrepreneurs' Association


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Why Do You Need Beyond the Hype?

After counseling over 700 small business clients, I realized the overwhelming need for a single source to help people successfully start their new business. I’ve always found it surprising, with the numerous business books and seminars on the market, that there wasn’t a straight-forward approach to helping entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes and capitalize on their opportunities.

Beyond the Hype is the nuts and bolts of launching any successful startup.

The information contained within Beyond the Hype is based on experience, not formulas or academic theory. You’ll find the approach direct, informative, and perhaps a little humorous. It will seem as if I am right there beside you, assisting you, step by step, to create and manage your business. It is the same advice I give my clients – the same advice that has kept them from falling into the statistics of failed businesses during the first three years.

Don’t rely on the "experts" in late-night infomercials, the bow-tied, former used-car salesman types pitching opportunities at business "expos," or other pseudo-entrepreneurs. Get the rules from someone who has been in the trenches enough times to help you get Beyond the Hype.

Beyond the Hype is one of the most comprehensive guides available to entrepreneurs. The end of each chapter has a "to-do" list which helps prioritize what you need to accomplish. This workbook also includes critical information on topics such as Personal Factors, Opportunity Recognition, Startup Nuts and Bolts, Business Planning, Real Marketing, Small Business Finance, Management Essentials, Obtaining Funding, and Big Brother Requirements.

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